Hello 👋

Welcome to my personal website !

I’m Vozec, passionate about computer science and I’m mainly interested in cybersecurity. That’s why I participate to CaptureTheFlag with my team ‘FlagPoisoning’ every weekend to learn more and more new things !

Moreover, I create many tools on my github to implement attacks/vulnerabilities that I learn.

I prefer cryptography, web challenges and reverse engineering

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from MatrixLib import load

def Skills():
    learned = ["Reverse","Cryptography","Forensic"]
    for skill in learned:
        print('I know ' + skill + " well")

def Learn():
    Learning = ["Web","Pwn"]
    for skill in Learning:
        print(skill + 'is being learned')

if __name__ == '__main__':

Here is a list of all the tools I have so far published :

  • 🔒 Cryptography 🔒

    • Feal ALL: This tool is the python implementation of the 3 versions of FEAL encryption
    • AES DFA: An implementation of a differential fault analysis on AES 128
    • AES Square Attack: An implementation of the Square-Attack on an AES-128
    • AES Flipper: An implementation of an AES CBC BitFlip attack
    • AES ECB Padding attack: An implementation of a padding attack on AES with ECB mode
    • AES CBC Padding attack: An implementation of a padding attack on AES with CBC mode
    • Cryptolib: My own cryptography library
    • DLP Solver: A tool to solve the discrete logarithm problem with several algorithms
    • Facto4CTF: A tool to factor RSA public keys with multiple methods
    • Vigenere Plaintext Attack: A simple tool to break the vigenère cipher with a Well knon plaintext
  • 🔨 Reverse Engineering 🔨

  • 🚩 Other 🚩